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Last Update / Aug 03,2020

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    ESG Initiatives


    Environment Initiatives

    (1)Major initiatives by each property

    ■Retail ● Canal City Hakata
    - Canal Water Filtration System (System to use rainwater as water)

    Canal City Hakata’s symbolic canal has both a recreational function and as a source of water to fight fires in the case of an emergency. At all times, this canal holds roughly 1,200 tons of water, and this water uses rainwater in order to conserve resources.

    - Groundwater Purification System (RO treatment system)

    Canal City Hakata uses a water treatment system employing a special RO (reverse osmosis) membrane (Note) to reuse on-site groundwater and produce the water used at the property. (Note) RO membrane: A membrane with extremely small holes that allows basically only water to pass through and eliminates impurities and harmful substances. This membrane makes it possible to generate drinking water from both seawater and muddy water.

    ● Park Place Oita
    - Reduction in Air Conditioning Load

    In the facility, coating film containing a shading agent has been applied to the skylights in the food court passageway and in the dining terrace.

    ● Konoha Mall Hashimoto
    - Solar Power Generation System

    Solar panels have been installed on top of the symbolic leaf-shaped structural objects, and a solar power generation system integrating building design and environment has been installed.

    ■Office buildings
    - Progress with switch to LED lighting

    ◎Switch to LED lighting
    ・Gofukumachi Business Center
    (Interior shared spaces, some external areas, etc.)
    ・Sanix Hakata Building
    (Interior recessed lighting)
    ・Taihaku Street Business Center
    (Entrance, interior shared spaces, etc.)

    - Utilization of renewable energy

    Solar panels have been installed on the roofs of LOGICITY Minato Kashii and LOGICITY Hisayama.


    (2) Green Building Certification

    - Green Building certificate acquisition ratio

    Green Building certification obtained for 82.1% of entire portfolio [as of February 29, 2020]

    - DBJ Green Building Certification キャナルシティ濾過システム

    Fukuoka REIT has obtained DBJ Green Building Certification, a system by Development Bank of Japan Inc. (DBJ) to support building with environmental and social awareness, for the following 11 properties.

    - BELS(Building-Housing Energy-efficiency Labeling System) Evaluation

    This is a system in which a third party evaluates and announces the energy-conservation performance of non-residential buildings based on the “Guidelines for Evaluation of Energy Conservation Performance of Non-residential Buildings (2013).” Four properties owned by the Fukuoka REIT Corporation were certified.


    Social Initiatives

    (1)Initiatives with employees

    ■Asset management company’s work style reform

    On August 28, 2018, Fukuoka Realty Co., Ltd. was certified as a “Fukuoka ‘Work Style Reform’ Promotion Company.” This is a system to recognize companies that have achieved at least a certain number of the “initiative items” selected by Fukuoka City as indicators to advance work style reforms.

    • ●Recognized initiatives
      • ・There is a training system for employees
      • ・There is a support system for self-development initiatives
      • ・There is a system to support the setting of career advancement goals and to consult about career-building
      • ・There is a certification acquisition support system, English training system, and a bookkeeping learning (support) system
      • ・The company has measures in place to encourage the shortening of working times
      • ・There is a system allowing employees to take time off in increments of hours or half-days
      • ・There is a personnel development system, including training that contributes to career advancement
      • etc
    ■Fukuoka Realty Co., Ltd(As of February 29,2020)

    This asset management company has 42 employees (47.6% female), and the average number of years of continuous service of permanent employees is 8 years, 10 months.

    • ●Full-time personnel: 42 (Male : 22 Female : 20)
    • ●Employees seconded from sponsors : 2
    • ●Employees seconded to sponsors : 3
    • ●Numbers of credentialed
      • ・Real estate brokers:28
      • ・Certified Building Administrators:5
      • ・First-class registered architect:2
      • ・Administrative Scrivener:1
      • ・ARES Certified Masters:19
      • ・Real estate appraisers:2
      • ・Attorneys:1
      • ・SME management consultant:1
      • ・MBA:1
    • ●Support for flexible working styles
      • ・Child-rearing support (maternity leave, childcare leave system)
      • ・Nursing care leave
      • ・Leave for voluntary work
      • ・No overtime days
      • ・Employee welfare(401K, cumulative investment system, etc)
      • ・Encouraging use of paid holidays
    • ●Career development support
      • ・Employee satisfaction survey
      • ・Self-assessment system
      • ・Career interview
      • ・Secondment system (dispatching of employees to sponsor companies)
      • ・Promotion from contract employee to permanent employee status, etc.
      • ・Offering of training programs tailored to each management level
      • ・System for supporting acquisition of qualifications (*)
        (Real Estate Securitization Master, Real Estate Transaction Agent, etc.)
      • ・Support for language learning
      • ※The asset management company stipulates that it shall cover some of the costs for employees to obtain the ARES Certified Master and other qualifications related to their business assignment, as well as part of the costs for training and seminars related to their assignment.
    • ●Employee satisfaction survey
      • The asset management company conducts an employee satisfaction survey every year. It aims to be a company in which employees feel pride and pleasure, and strives to maintain and improve the health and comfort of its employees. Furthermore, it is always open to internal business improvement proposals, and opinions from employees are used as reference information for improvement of the office environment. As for the results of improvement proposals, it provides internal feedback and commends proposals that lead to actual improvements.

    (2) Tenant Initiatives

    Fukuoka REIT engages in a variety of initiatives for tenants to promote their understanding on sustainability.

    • ● Emergency drills intended to improve tenant safety and security
    • ● Conduct tenant satisfaction surveys
    • ● Distribute sustainability guidebooks
    • ● Hold events to improve sustainability awareness
    • ● Conduct sustainability training, etc.

    Improved the employee lounge environment at Company-owned Konoha Mall Hashimoto with focus on health and comfort of tenants’ employees.


    (3)Local communities’ initiatives

    • Environment promotion event img11

      At Canal City Hakata, Employees participate is sprinkling water events to cool down sidewalks and streets to promote well-being.

    • Safety town council img11

      At Park Place Oita, we established a “Safety Town Council” that partners with related institutions and groups to conduct crime-prevention patrols and proactively strives to prevent youth misconduct.

    • Clean-up days img11

      Employees actively participate in community clean-up activities. (Total 277 as of September 19th, 2019)

    • Participation of local communities’ event img11

      We participated in the 2018 Hakata Gion Yamakasa. (Company CEO Etsuo Matsuyuki sat on the Hachiban Yamakasa Kamikawabatadori float and directed the team carrying it.)

    (4)Green Leasing

    Fukuoka REIT promotes green leasing as one of its tenant initiatives.
    We have concluded lease agreements incorporating a green lease clause (which stipulates cooperation in reducing environmental burden) with some tenants. In addition, we promote understanding on environmental/local community awareness among tenants by communicating with them in the form of conducting tenant satisfaction surveys for some properties.

    Governance Initiatives

    福岡リアルティ組織図 福岡リート投資法人

    (Note)The prior consent of the investment corporation’s Board of Directors is obtained in cases falling under the provisions Article201-2(1) of the Act on Investment Trust and Investment Corporations