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Last Update / Mar 02,2021

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    Tenjin Nishi-Dori Center Building

    A office building located in the center of Tenjin area

    The property is located in the Tenjin area, which is the center of commerce and businesses in Fukuoka. This area has a high appeal to the tenants in Fukuoka due to the area’s concentration of major companies and its high customer attraction, and in particular, the area has tenant needs from various types of schools, financial institutions and call centers, etc. that demand customer attraction and convenience. In addition, various types of businesses mainly centered on service-type tenants, such as insurance companies, advertising agencies, trading companies and IT-related companies, are located here. The property is highly appealing to visiting type tenant companies due to its high competitiveness, even amidst Nishi-Dori, as it faces “Tenjin Nishi-Dori Street,” a particularly busy business area in Tenjin area where offices and commercial facilities concentrate, and as it can be approached from Kirameki-Dori Street as well, where there is a concentration of department stores and specialty stores.



    Location: 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City

    PM: Fukuoka Jisho

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