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Last Update / Mar 02,2021

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    Marinoa City Fukuoka (Marina Side Building)

    Urban Resort and Entertainment shopping center

    The property represents the Marina Side Building, a part of Marinoa City Fukuoka with the concept of an"Urban Resort and Entertainment shopping center," centers on the outlet mall that is the first such facility in Kyushu. It is approximately 5 minutes or so by car from Atago and Fukushige ramp way on the Fukuoka Urban Expressway, which is connected to the Kyushu Expressway and the Nishi-Kyushu Expressway. Thus, the location features excellent traffic access from any neighboring trade zones and the Fukuoka Urban Area. The neighboring area with such high-quality commuter towns along the water front is belived to have the potential allowing large-scale retail facilities to keep operating.



    Address:2-Chome, Odo, Nishi Ward, Fukuoka City
    Property manager:FJ.Entertainment Works Co.,Ltd.

    URL: https://www.marinoacity.com/


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