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    Released financial results for the 19th fiscal period

    "Released financial results for the 19th fiscal period" (September 1st 2013– February 28, 2014)"

    Fukuoka REIT released statement of accounts for the 19th fiscal period.
    Dividend per unit is announced 16,219 yen by exceeding previous period’s forecasts of Operating revenue.

    The 19th Fiscal Period (September 1st 2014– February 28, 2014) Financial Results
    Operating revenue 7,574mm yen +0.1%
    Operating income 2,801mm yen (1.7)%
    Ordinary income 2,239mm yen (1.4)%
    Net income 2,238mm yen (1.5)%
    Dividend per units 16,219 yen (change from previous forecast yen)
    *% shows percentage change from previous period

    The 20th Fiscal Period Forecast (March.1, 2014- August 31, 2014)
    Operating revenue 7,701 mm yen +1.7%
    Operating income 2,792 mm yen (0.3)%
    Ordinary income 2,222 mm yen (0.8)%
    Net income 2,221 mm yen (0.7)%
    Dividend per unit 3,220 yen

    The 21th Fiscal Period Forecast (September.1, 2014- February 28, 2015)
    Operating revenue 7,739mm yen +0.5%
    Operating income 2,781mm yen (0.4)%
    Ordinary income 2,236mm yen +0.6%
    Net income 2,235mm yen +0.6%
    Dividend per unit 3,240 yen
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