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  3. Portfolio Overview

Portfolio Overview

01. Portfolio Overview

As a general rule, FRC will invest in the Fukuoka and Kyushu regions, with the majority of investment in the Fukuoka metropolitan area. The investment ratio for each investment target area is 60 to 90% in the Fukuoka metropolitan area, 10 to 30% in other areas of Kyushu, and 0 to 10% in other areas. In addition, we flexibly target all types of properties for investment. As a general rule, the investment ratio for each property type is 40 to 70% for retail, 20 to 50% for office buildings, and 0 to 30% for others.

As of March28,2023

Asset type (based on acquisition price)
Retail 52.6%
Office Buildings 33.5%
Others 13.9%
Investment area (based on acquisition price)
Fukuoka metropolitan area 76.7%
Other areas of Kyushu 23.3%

02. Growth of Assets

  • Kominedai Community Mall, which had been acquired in the 3rd fiscal period, was sold in the 6th fiscal period.
  • AEON Hara Shopping Center, which had been acquired in the 6th fiscal period and Aqualia Kego, which had been acquired in the 16th fiscal period, were sold in the 25th fiscal period.
  • Canal City Hakata・B Grand Building (88.28% co-ownership interest), which had been acquired in the 14th fiscal period, was sold in the 34th fiscal period.

03. Portfolio Map

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