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Fukuoka REIT Corporation
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Fukuoka REIT Corporation

Last Update / Jul 17,2018

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    1. Jul 17,2018 Portfolio Data (Sales) has been updated.
    2. Jul 13,2018 [Delayed] Fukuoka REIT Corporation Concludes Agreement to Purchase New Property
    3. Jul 13,2018 Notice Concerning Issuance of Investment Corporation Bonds
    4. Jul 10,2018 [Delayed] Notice Concerning the Effects of the Heavy Rain in Western Japan
    5. Jul 06,2018 Portfolio Data has been updated.

    Contribute to Invigorating the Region and Creating Attractive Cities

    Fukuoka REIT Corporation (securities code: 8968) is the first region-specific REIT in Japan.
    With our strength in knowing the local characteristics of real estate, which is a very regional-specific
    business, Fukuoka REIT manages a portfolio centering on superior design entertainment retail
    facilities and Class A office buildings in the entire Kyushu region centering on Fukuoka,
    Yamaguchi and Okinawa prefectures. Fukuoka REIT was registered in August 2004 and
    listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Fukuoka Stock Exchange on June 21, 2005.
    We aim to maximize investor profits through the information gathering ability and know-how
    of an asset manager well-versed in individual conditions of the Kyushu region.

    About Fukuoka REIT